Dedicated to Quality and Taste

Getting delicious and healthy beef onto your table takes years of our dedication! For decades we have selected only cattle for our breeding program that have those wonderful genetics for maternal and meat quality traits. Maternal traits are those that shows ensure a female will breed up can produce plenty of milk to raise her calf and till maintain her body weight in order to breed back and complete the cycle the next year. Meat quality traits are for marbling and tenderness.

From Ranch to Table

Each calf born on our operation, is individually identified. They are given vaccinations following Beef Quality Assurance Program protocols (vaccinations are never given directly into the meat). Their vaccinations are essentially just what we give to our children to ensure their health. Our cows then must breed back in order to repeat the entire process each year in order to remain in our herd. Calves stay on their mothers until they are seven to eight months old, when they are weaned. Once we wean our calves we walk them into a special weaning pasture. This pasture is securely fenced and has a good supply of grass, plus we have some hay racks and salt and mineral supplement. With the hay racks, the calves learn to eat hay. We also drive out into the field morning and evening and feed the calves extra hay from our truck … we call them and get them to learn to come to us by call, which helps to gentle them and teach them that people are a good thing! Once the calves decide they don’t need mama any more (are completely weaned and are eating grass and responding to us as their feed source), we start rotating them around our pastures to teach them to eat lots and lots of grass!!

Once heifers or steers enter into our beef program, they are put into a separate group that we rotate on our organic ranches to ensure they have plenty of natural grass and forage to grow and then fatten perfectly. Our cattle are never fed artificial feeds or ruminant by-products. They never receive hormones or ionophores. We raise and rotate our cattle until they are perfectly matured and fattened (finished). When each beef gets to the desired maturity (age) and finish (fattened), we transport them to Johansen’s Meat in Orland, California.

At Johansen’s Quality Meats, Chris and Darron have a sparkling clean, USDA inspected plant. They hang and dry age each beef at least 25 days, which is one more step that helps to ensure robust flavor and tenderness. The meat is carefully trimmed of excess external fat and hand-cut to our specifications. It is then vacuum-sealed and frozen to provide a perfect product for your enjoyment.

Thank you for your interest in our cattle!!