Getting delicious and healthy beef onto your table takes years of our dedication! For decades we have selected cattle that have genetic traits strong for maternal and meat quality. Maternal traits are those that ensure a female will breed, can produce plenty of milk to raise her calf and maintain her body weight so she breeds back to do the cycle each year. Meat quality traits are for marbling and tenderness.

imageEach calf gets their own individual tag number. We vaccinate each calf using the minimum for good health and administer vaccinations using Beef Quality Assurance Program protocols. Calves stay on their mothers until seven to eight months of age, when we wean them. Once we wean our calves we walk them into a special weaning pasture. This pasture is securely fenced and has a good supply of grass, plus we feed a small amount of hay so the calves learn to come to us. We also provide a salt and
mineral supplement. Once the calves decide they don’t need mama any more (are completely weaned and are eating grass and responding to us as their feed source), we start rotating them around our pastures to teach them to eat lots and lots of grass!! When heifers and steers enter into our grassfed beef program, they are put into a separate group that we rotate on our beyond organic ranches to ensure they have plenty of natural grass and forage so they grow and fatten perfectly.

Our cattle are never fed artificial feeds or animal by-products. They never receive hormones or ionophores. We raise and rotate our cattle until they are perfectly matured and fattened (finished). When each beef gets 18 to 26 months of age and fattened perfectly, they move onto Stemple Creek Ranch and their family of processors.

Thank you for learning a little about how we get our 100% grassfed beef to your table!!