Henry and Pam are fourth generation Californian’s who have followed their familial footsteps sustainably raising livestock and caring for their land and resources. They’ve been married for over 35 years and dearly love their animals and the land and resources they steward. Part of the land they graze has been managed by Pam’s family since 1903.

Their management is a blend of learning lessons from well respected old timers and new age holistic management. They spend most of their days out in the field or on the range checking cattle on horseback, ensuring that the cattle are healthy and the pasture and range lands have plenty of forage.

Making the world a better place is a mantra that Henry and Pam live by. They each volunteer extensively to give back to their community and the resources they love and believe in. Oftentimes, if they don’t respond immediately to a customer inquiry ”Smart” phone in pocket at all times, even on horseback) it is due to being engaged in a meeting or function lending a helping hand.

While it might seem large to manage over 60,000 acres, Henry and Pam operate a small family farm. They work together to steward their land that has been in Pam’s family for four generations as well as many lands owned by other longtime families and the US Forest Service. Sustainability is key to their success!