If you have tried a “grass finished” beef cut and it was not wonderful … read on!

We raise our cattle their entire lives on only mama’s milk and grass! We have PERFECTED the ART of grass finishing, because the most important detail is that you, enjoy the BEST eating experience possible when our beef is on your plate.

Let me explain. We have heard over the years from so many people that their grass finished beef eating experience was hit and miss, and mostly miss. Yet, they believe and science shows that grass raised and finished beef is more healthful. Folks want to eat beef that has been raised on only natural, growing forages, such as grass, forbs and legumes. The “miss” gave us pause.

There is a lot of information about the health benefits of beef that have eaten only green, standing forage their entire lives. The science is still growing and we are learning more with each completed study. My research on this topic that beef raised to gain appropriately, i.e.: a healthy and normal gain on a daily basis, drinking mama’s milk, eating natural forage, then fed a bit of grain to finish them contribute to good human health. However, by using grain finishing, the benefits of Omega-3s decline as the animal spends more time on grain or dried feeds and not eating green forage.

The benefit from beef finished solely on grass their entire lives contribute to increases in Omega-3s, CLA, and Vitamin E. The “good fats” omega-3s are two to four times higher in beef raised and finished only on grass as compared to beef removed from forage and placed on grain for finishing. Another “good fat” is CLA, conjugated linoleic acid. When beef are raised only on fresh growing forage (green grass) their meat contains from three to five times more CLA than beef raised conventionally. And finally, Vitamin E is also higher in beef raised only grass again, as compared to beef that have been placed into a feedlot and removed from grazing green forages. By eating our Grass Fed and Finished beef, you will be taking a step towards improving that balance of the good fats and Vitamin E in your overall diet. Even the most marbled piece of beef is a benefit, since the good fats are present in the marbling! You can enjoy great beef and feel good about eating it!


Our grass raised and finished beef are outstanding in the field or on the range … eating grass and natural forage. We spend much time focusing on genetics of our cattle, their food needs and nurturing them to get a great grass finished product. We focus on building our soil, through cattle movement, and ZERO use of fossil fuel inputs, like herbicides, fertilizer or pesticides. This creates fabulous mix of green growing feed that the cattle enjoy and love to eat! We have watched our soil health increase consistently along with organic matter and species diversity. It feels so good to steward our lands and natural resources, using cattle in a happy, healthy environment! We have been practicing regenerative agriculture since 2008, before it became the “new” standard in place of the past used term “sustainability”. Although, I have to say … thoughtful, regenerative management is what has kept these lands and our agriculture operation vital since 1903. We plan for another century.We love what we do. Raise cattle, support our community and feed you a healthful, delicious product. Thank YOU for supporting local, caring agricultural families.