Estate Raised Grass Finished Beef

If you have tried a “grass finished” beef cut and it was not wonderful … read on!

We are excited to offer our beef that have been raised their entire lives on only mama’s milk and grass! This is a long time in coming for us … we wanted to ensure that we PERFECTED the ART of grass finishing, because the most important detail is that you, our customer, has the BEST eating experience possible when our beef is on your plate

Let me explain. We have heard from so many people that their grass finished beef eating experience was hit and miss, and mostly miss. Yet, they believed in the science that said that grass raised and finished beef was more healthy and wanted to eat beef that has been raised on only natural, growing forages, such as grass. You know as our customer, we want to provide you with healthy beef, raised and finished naturally that is always delicious. So, the “miss” gave us pause

We had heard so much about the health benefits of beef that have eaten only, green, standing forage their entire lives. The science is still growing and we are learning more with each completed study The scientific and health community are continuing to develop facts that support the belief that cattle that have only green, standing forage their entire lives really are superior in adding health benefits. The key point is to have beef that have been raised on green forage (grasses, forbs, legumes, brushes) that has not been harvested, except by the animal eating it!

It appears by my exhaustive research on this topic that beef that have been raised to gain appropriately, i.e.: a healthy and normal gain on a daily basis, drinking mama’s milk, eating natural forage (grass), then fed a bit of grain to finish them contribute to good human health. However, by using grain finishing, the benefits of Omega-3s decline as the animal spends more time on grain or dried feeds and not eating green forage.

The benefit from beef finished solely on grass (as are all of the beeves we offer to our customers) their entire lives contribute to increases in Omega-3s, CLA, and Vitamin E. The “good fats” omega-3s are two to four times higher in beef raised and finished only on grass as compared to beef removed from forage and placed on grain for finishing. Another “good fat” is CLA, conjugated linoleic acid. When beef are raised only on fresh growing forage (green grass) their meat contains from three to five times more CLA than beef raised conventionally. And finally, Vitamin E is also higher in beef raised only grass again, as compared to beef that have been placed into a feedlot and removed from grazing green forages. By eating our Estate Raised Grass Fed and Finished beef, you will be taking a step towards improving that balance of the good fats and Vitamin E in your overall diet. Even the most marbled piece of beef is a benefit, since the good fats are present in the marbling! You can enjoy great beef and feel good about eating it!

So, what did we do to ensure that our Estate Raised Grass Finished Beef would be spot-on? We tested it! It took us over four years of research, nurturing and eating to finalize our decision to convert completely to grass raised and finished beef. And why did we do this? Our customers asked for grass raised and finished beef. And, we were intrigued by the challenge to provide a product that truly meets a grass raised and finished product that is absolutely delicious and healthy and is raised in a manner that ethically meets the finishing standard of eating standing forage.

Our grass raised and finished are outstanding in the field or on the range … eating grass and natural forage. They are NOT in a feedlot being brought dried feed products. If your previous grass finished beef eating experience was less than stellar, it could be that they actually stood in a feedlot, eating feeds brought to them, rather than being out in the field. Or, the sellers may not really understand the genetics, food needs and nurturing necessary to get a great grass finished product to their customers plate. We do. As you know we raise our cattle on natural forage for the entireity of their happy life. The challenge for us was to find the exact grass maturity and cattle maturity point to finish our beef solely on grass that results in a superior and consistent product. In our testing, we ate steaks, ground beef, roasts and we gave cuts to our friends and several loyal customers to try. (Tough duty right?) We wanted input and feedback. The result was FABULOUS! Tender, succulent beef that you can prepare as you would a prime or choice grain finished, dry aged beef cut. There may be a bit of a different taste, some call it “wild”, some call it “grassy,” some call it “sweet”, but everyone that ate our Estate Raised Grass Finished Beef are now committed customers and are waiting for the next group of beef to be finished!

The offering of this beef is limited. We will only provide beef that is finished to our exact standards when the natural grass and maturity of the beef is exact … an ultimate combination of art, science and sustainability … that gives a succulent result. We provide only beef that is quality, naturally!

As always, our beef has no added hormones, or any other unnecessary additives. If you desire a half of beef please give us a call or drop an email note so we can arrange for your specific cut and wrap instructions. We have a limited number of beef available on a seasonal basis.

Contact us soon to reserve your Estate Raised Grass Finished Beef