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Whats Happening June 2018

The moos seem to get further back in the timeline … so here’s an update for May and June! I always think of lots of things to tell you about, when I am out on horseback, in the corral or driving to a meat delivery, checking on cows and calves or simply away from the...
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What’s Happening May 2018

April started off with our annual USFS permittee meeting, where a good discussion ensued on cattle movement, grazing practices, infrastructure upgrades, watering sites, mineral movement and of course, wolves. There is a pack of wolves that has become quite aggressive and problematic for livestock herds locally. (more…)...
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March 2018

on this page for 'March 2018' replace the text to say: Interesting article from the publication by John Deere, “The Furrow”. Great read, and it is very straight forward in discussions of grass fed versus grain fed beef. For all of our traditional producer friends, this article hits the nail on the head …. we produce...
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Whats Happening March 2018

February found us still praying for some type of weather to refresh our water reserves. We’d take it in any form in our opinion, rain, snow, sleet … anything that has moisture in it! February is also a time when we budget, rework future strategies and attend meetings. Read more