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March 2018

Interesting article from the publication by John Deere, "The Furrow". Great read, and it is very straight forward in discussions of grass fed versus grain fed beef. For all of our traditional producer friends, this article hits the nail on the head .... we produce a grass finished product because we believe in it and...
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Whats Happening March 2018

February found us still praying for some type of weather to refresh our water reserves. We’d take it in any form in our opinion, rain, snow, sleet … anything that has moisture in it! February is also a time when we budget, rework future strategies and attend meetings. Read more

What’s Happening Jan 2018

This is how we love to see our stock ponds! Brimming full. This pond will water our cows and calves along with an abundance of wildlife for most of the summer season. Rain, snow or not? Boy, it has been NOT. That does not bode well for the upcoming year and...
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