What’s Happening May 2018

April started off with our annual USFS permittee meeting, where a good discussion ensued on cattle movement, grazing practices, infrastructure upgrades, watering sites, mineral movement and of course, wolves. There is a pack of wolves that has become quite aggressive and problematic for livestock herds locally.

The weather had a hard time determining if it was spring, winter or even summer. And sometimes, all in the same day! But all in all, we’ve had some excellent rains that have kept the grass growing and water holes freshened up. We’re very thankful for the ongoing moisture, for outside range operations it is quite a blessing.

Every momma is calved out by the first part of May, so we start our routine of branding, vaccinating, and marking all the calves. The cows get their semiannual shots and a health exam. The bulls also get their yearly check up … semen testing, shots and health exam. Bulls are such babies … they bawl and beller the one time a year they have to get worked on. Then they go out with the cows for a mere two and half months … then hang out and do nothing for the rest of the year. Maybe I want to come back as a bull. Never!

Pam attended the annual Shasta Cascade Tourism Summit. Always well done, great speakers and a wonderful chance to connect to folks who are experts in bringing tourists in to enjoy our gorgeous area. Another time to learn how we can put on a great event on September 8th for our Annual Beer, Food and Wine Festival.

Mid April found the first group of cows and calves walking their way to the Hat Creek Rim, where they will spend a month or more grazing on the spring flush. We walk them all the way on horseback, using our great dogs to keep all the mommas and babies together. Most of the mommas on this particular trek haven’t done it before, so some special care is needed, especially with little babies at side. Pam drives the “calf wagon” our pick up and stock trailer to give a ride to any of the babies that get tired of walking the four miles. As we move into May, we start shipping our cattle out to other pastures and selling some loads to other producers. More moos to come!

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