Whats Happening March 2018

February found us still praying for some type of weather to refresh our water reserves. We’d take it in any form in our opinion, rain, snow, sleet … anything that has moisture in it! February is also a time when we budget, rework future strategies and attend meetings.

Pam had the chance to travel to Los Angeles for the North American Direct Farmers Market Association annual meeting. There she learned about NAFDMA and its’ history. A HUGE timeline hung on the wall where everyone shared their points in time.

She also met many “Inspired Farmers” who are putting on events to bring new resources into their communities and operation all while educating folks about agriculture and connecting with consumers. She learned some new things that we will incorporate into our 3rd Annual Hat Creek Beer, Food and Wine Festival we will hold on September 8th of this year.

Our first calf heifers started calving around mid month. It is always exciting to see those heifers that we have raised give birth and become mommas for their first time.

Pam also took the opportunity to attend a course held at McGeorge School of Law by the Water Education Foundation on California water issues. It was a very worthwhile day solidifying water rights law and history to help guide us in the future.

Some of our cows also started calving, making use of the still mild weather … and then of course have to get right with it when the snow hits (yeah!). It can be a cause for some confusion though … so we watch the cows and babies carefully to ensure no mix-ups in who belongs to whom. We have been selecting for medium framed cattle and have learned that as you get smaller sized cattle, their gestation period shortens a bit as well.

A breakfast workshop with Temple Grandin, PhD was also on the February calendar. Dr. Grandin’s work in cattle handling is legendary. We met her for the first time in the early 1990’s at an intensive grazing management week-long course. She was a student/teacher as were we all! It was great to see her again and to watch her have the discussion of facilities and proper livestock handling with a new group of ranchers and farmers.

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