Whats Happening June 2018

June has been a great month, where we start to feel like we are catching up after the whirlwind spring!
The cows and calves are settling in on the ranges, which means it is time to do pasture rotations. On the Hat Creek Rim, we did a pasture shift from our Bald Mountain field over to our Turkey Track field. Cows are gaining weight and calves are growing like weeds! (Or well-tended pasture grass!)

Then we took another day to move the cows and calves on our Lassen County range, from the Corral field to the Herrick field. We always put out a mineral supplement, that we have mixed special to fit the mineral deficiencies in our region. Cows require salt, along with a good balance of minerals (just like we do), so with our highly volcanic soils, we have some severe deficiencies that have been identified over the decades through testing and trial and error.

On our way out to our allotment in Lassen County, we saw a large bear feeding on something (feeding along with him were buzzards, ravens, and eagles). He hightailed it away before we could get a picture. On the way back after moving the cattle, he wasn’t around, so we walked out to see what he was feeding on. It was a cow elk! I’ve never seen one out there before, so sad the first one I saw was not going to be raising any babies.

We are also busy putting up our stock of hay to feed all the cattle and horses in the winter time. There is a good crop this first cutting, so we are well on our way to having enough stored up for use later in the year.

Plans are coming together extremely well for our 3rd Annual Hat Creek Beer, Food and Wine Festival! If you have an afternoon and evening to come and spend a few hours with us, this is a great day to do it! Our concept when setting this up initially, was to have our customers be able to see the ranch, learn about how we steward natural resources and livestock and produce outstanding grass fed beef. Now it has grown into something much larger … and a heck of a lot more fun! Join us Saturday, September 8th from noon to 8 pm.

Think Local. Beer (Fall River, Woody’s, and more), Food (JJ’s, Anna’s, Red Bicycle Catering and more), Wine (Dakaro, Churn Creek, Moseley Family, Cedar Crest), Music ALL DAY LONG (Cook’s Hawaiian Medleys, Smokin’ Roaches, Alex Colvin, Hovis and Wilson, and to end the evening rocking out, California Country). And of course there are local artisans … so many amazing talents. And to top it off, local groups benefit from the event by helping raise some money to protect our homes, take care of our health, knowledge and steward our Century Old Fair. WHEW! Many of Pam’s hours are spent pulling this all together so you can enjoy our gorgeous pasture, water, mountains and trees and even take a ranch tour, play some games! We haven’t lost the heart of what this event is all about.

Tickets go on sale on July 1st, online only at http://hatcreekfoodfestival.TIX.com for $35 which includes three tastings of each: an appetizer made by our local chefs using our Hat Creek Grown, grass fed beef; three tastings local brews, and three tastings of local wines! A souvenir tasting glass is included, along with all of the music to relax and enjoy the day. Tickets day of the Fest are $40 each, so buy yours early!

Bring along lawn chairs or blanket, and swim suits for the kids. They can get their face painted, explore the ag fun center, eat an ice cream cone. Or leave the little folks at home and you can simply visit and enjoy all we have to offer. Remember noon to 8 pm, at the Hat Creek Hereford Ranch Campground.

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