Summer Is Over?!

Where in the world did the summer go? All summer the cows and calves on our ranges on the Hat Creek Rim and in Lassen County have done well. We continually check them, put out minerals, ensure they have good, clean water and move them on horseback from field to field.

The fields on our ranges, are not like the pastures on our irrigated ranch lands. The range fields are 200 to 4000 acres each and encompass rocky, brushy and timbered ground. Our irrigated pastures are far smaller, filled with grasses, forbs and legumes. We vary them in size using portable electric fencing depending upon the growth rate of the forage and the number and size of cattle that we are grazing.

We fatten our cattle on the irrigated ranch pastures where we can give them the perfect amount and type of forage to create well finished cattle ready to be harvested for our customers to enjoy. They are usually rotated daily, but in the late summer and fall, we start to slow that rotation down a bit and give them a pasture for two to three days, as forage grows more slowly during late summer and fall.

Our cattle and fattening of the correct type of cattle on grass are gaining popularity. We sell fattened cattle into three key target areas for other marketers. We also have a group of cattle on grass in Texas that we will visit in November, just prior to their harvest. All reports have our steers out performing all other cattle on that feed. Decades of careful genetic selection and artful stewardship and management!

Folks nationwide are enjoying our carefully raised beef, which is healthful and environmentally sustainable! As a recent visit from Australian producers found, they appreciated our cattle and management greatly. Along with the grassfed beef we served them for lunch!

Our 3rd Annual Hat Creek Beer, Food and Wine Festival was incredible! If you weren’t able to spend the day with us you missed a great experience! The hour long ranch tours were a hit as folks learned about how we steward natural resources, livestock and produce outstanding grass fed beef. Think Local, brought so many amazing talents for everyone to enjoy! We pulled this all together so everyone can enjoy our gorgeous pastures, water, mountains and weather, play some games, enjoy great food and libations as well as great music, arts and crafts! We haven’t lost the heart of what this event is all about. The generosity of attendees raised funds for great local charities. Next years’ date is set, with folks already making their reservations and marking their calendars for Saturday, September 7, 2019. Plan to join us!

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