Monthly Archives: January 2018

What’s Happening Jan 2018

This is how we love to see our stock ponds! Brimming full. This pond will water our cows and calves along with an abundance of wildlife for most of the summer season. Rain, snow or not? Boy, it has been NOT. That does not bode well for the upcoming year and...
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January Notes

January still finds us praying for rain or snow. We started feeding locally grown grass hay to supplement our cows that haven’t gone to winter pasture in the valley. True grass finishing is reliant upon grass growing or stockpiled then grazed. That is why we...
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December Notes

Once the holiday season is upon us, orders for our beef start coming in fast and furious. Which is a good thing! We love creating special custom packages for customers and ensuring that their giftee is thrilled with getting either a prime rib, a custom selection of cuts or...
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