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It's not just for Corned Beef anymore!

Thank you for your love of our locally grown, 100% natural grass fed beef!

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We have a complete selection of beef in stock and ready to fill your needs. We can fulfill most of your grassfed beef needs, click on the individual items link for any items that are marked out of supply.

As always our beef never are given artificial hormones or fed antibiotics. They eat our naturally raised grass all of their life. Click here to read more about grassfed beef.

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Contact us now to preorder your whole or half beef orders for 2019!! This is a great way to fill your freezer in the most inexpensive manner. Tap the Contact Us button and use the form to drop us a note. Once we receive your note, we'll email you all of the necessary information.

Sustainable; soil, water and animal stewards;
dedicated to the best quality, natural, 100% grass fed beef.