Hat Creek Grown


You and your family can enjoy superb quality grassfed beef that is raised sustainably, ethically and locally!   

Please explore our website and do not hesitate to drop us an email with any questions you may have.  With our 100% grassfed and grass finished beef, you never need to wonder where it's from, we know!  

“Simply Superb!”  “Your customer service is amazing!”  “I can’t buy another piece of beef from ‘name the market’ please ship me a quarter beef!”

Over the years, we consistently hear from repeat customers that our grass fed beef is, "quite frankly, the best beef we have ever eaten".  A new customer just dropped us a note, "simply superb"! Others tell us how they have tried beef from other producers … they will never go back … ours is the best.

We are northern California's source of truly premium, natural grass finished beef.  Our cattle are born here, raised and cared for everyday of their happy life. You know when you buy from us, the beef you are eating is raised with care and fattened perfectly on our grass.

Our cattle are beyond organic, they are extreme natural.  Our beef never receive any type of hormone, or unnecessary antibiotic.  The grass they graze is completely natural.

Grass Raised and Finished
Our beef are born (calved) on native pastures and grow at their mother's side until they are seven to eight months of age.  They are then weaned and we separate them from their mothers and put the calves of their age together. They happily grazing on pastures we manage without any chemical inputs for another year or so. Once they are perfectly fattened on our natural grass, we take them to a certified organic, USDA inspected butcher. After 21 days of dry-aging, hand trimming and packaging, our beef is ready to send to you!

Easy for you to Purchase

You can simply go to our Shop Online page to purchase one package of steaks, one of our value packages or a quarter beef. Ordering is simple and we are ready to assist you with any questions you may have. Any questions regarding half and whole purchases, please drop Pam an email note. Pam@hatcreekgrown.com.



We ship all over the United States, with our main customers being those who want to shop local.   


We ship via UPS in one day to northern California and two days to southern California. Orders are shipped on Mondays. Please have your order to us no later than Saturday prior to the week you want your order shipped.  We will contact you to confirm delivery.


Hat Creek Grown
41363 Opdyke Lane
Hat Creek, CA.  96040
(530) 335-7016

We are excited to announce that Pam has been selected as a USA Delegate for the Slow Foods International Event in Turin, Italy!! So, we are going to be traveling to and from Italy from October 19th through October 29th. We regret to say that we will not be shipping beef during that time. You can still place your orders, just please understand that our last shipment in October will be on Monday, October 13th. We will start back with our normal shipping schedule on Monday, November 3rd. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are so excited for this international Slow Food opportunity!
Ask us about our pasture raised whole chickens!

To purchase a half or whole beef, please contact us NOW. We are taking reservations and have beef reserved for our October harvest.  Harvests will occur every two weeks up to November, and we will run out of beef later in the Fall.  To ensure you get a half or whole, we recommend reserving NOW.   Email Pam@hatcreekgrown.com for pricing and further details. 

If you are interested in whole pasture raised chickens, drop Pam an email.  They are pasture raised and supplemented with organic grain.  Delicious!  They range from 4 and half pounds to 7 pounds.   $4.99 a pound.  I'll send you confirmation of the cost once we package them up for you.